Video Visitation

VUGate is the founder and proven leader of the correctional video visitation industry and continues to lead that field with innovative products and solutions. Regardless of other claims on the Internet, the video visitation industry was developed in 1994/1995 by a team of people, most of whom are still working together here at VUGate. The world's first video visitation system was installed by this team in 1995 and is still in operation and still expanding. That 16 years of hands-on live experience is invaluable to owners in designing the proper system for their needs.

In the time since VUGate invented the video visitation industry, numerous companies looking for quick hit have come and gone in the marketplace, where VUGate has stood strong and grown the market. Several of those companies installed as little as a single system before leaving those customers stranded without a source of support. Even worse, the equipment provisioned by those now defunct vendors is no longer supported, or even repairable, since that equipment is no longer being manufactured. In contrast to that, VUGate's first system is still operational and expanding.

Another distinguishing factor is that VUGate systems were developed in conjunction with correctional officers to incorporate common industry-specific operational procedures and most importantly a command and control architecture.

As a result, VUGate systems meet the unique requirements of the correctional industry and VUGate has installed over 4,000 correctional visitation and court arraignment stations across the nation at all levels: federal, state, county, and municipal/city.

Designed by Corrections Officers for Corrections Officers
  • VUGate personnel worked in conjunction with correction officers to design the VUGate visitation system based on the unique needs of the correctional industry.
  • VUGate solutions incorporate digital, analog, and hybrid technologies based on the specific requirements of the customer, allowing us to deliver the most flexible and cost effective systems in the industry.
  • VUGate solutions have been time tested on the market with most facilities expanding their original systems.
  • VUGate is the largest manufacturer of correctional video visitation systems in the world, generally credited with market share greater than 50%.
  • VUGate is a manufacturer, not an integrator, assuring customers of a consistent product supply for expansion and growth, versus integrators who merely purchase over-the-counter product which can change or be discontinued without notice.

VUGate Systems will:
  • Vastly improve security in the jail facility
  • Eliminate contraband exchange
  • Free up officers for more important duties
  • Reduce labor costs associated with contact or non-contact visitation
  • Expedite court hearings and attorney interviews
  • Easily expand to other uses when needed

Pros for Jail
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Automated visit process
    - no traffic in jail for visits
    - no escorting inmates or visitors
    - no scanning for contraband
  • No contraband, drugs and/or weapons exchanged
  • No confrontations after bad visits
  • Reduced officer involvement and reduction in potential harm
  • Improved facility security
  • Multipoint connectivity options for other uses (education, telemedicine, and/or attorney visits)

Pros for Inmate
  • Automated visit process means:
    - ease of scheduling for visitors
    - more visits
    - longer duration visits
    - fair share of visitation time
  • No restrictions on visitors (entire family can visit, including minors)
  • Improved inmate morale
  • Remote visitation capabilities

Visitation Scheduling, Monitoring and Recording

VUGate™ video call scheduler software is highly flexible and provides a wide variety of configuration options to meet the needs of the correctional facility. These powerful tools provide authorized users with the ability to establish visitation sessions, including automatic initiation and termination of the sessions. User screens and system interfaces were built from correctional officers' feedback to minimize keystrokes and to provide for a more efficient operation.

VUGate's unique command and control architecture allows jail staff to monitor, control, and record all visitation sessions. VUGate's systems provide the capability to jail staff to monitor, in realtime, all the current live visitations. A unique control capability allows the officer to interject themselves into a visitation session for disiplinary or instructional purposes. The system also allows global or selective recording of visitation sessions for later review. A key component of this command and control architecture ensures that any incoming call is authorized and managed by a correctional officer prior to connecting to an inmate station.

VUGate's command and control architecture protects the electronic perimeter of the jail as securely as the fencing protects the physical perimeter.