VUGate™ product solutions incorporate digital, analog, and hybrid technologies based on the specific requirements of the customer, allowing us to deliver the most flexible and cost effective systems in the industry. VUGate produces only industry standard video technologies, so customers will have ongoing support and multiple sources of supply for station equipment subject to day-to-day abuse. VUGate systems were developed in conjunction with correctional officers to incorporate common industry-specific operational procedures and most importantly a command and control architecture.

Digital CODEC

CODECs are used to transmit video conferencing streams over digital networks. They are very effective for long distance video conferencing. Because of this, they are often used for connecting remote civilian visitation centers to remote jails, or for courts or public defenders to connect to jails. While VUGate has provisioned fully digital video visitation systems, many customers do not have the technical staff or expertise to manage internal or offsite networking and/or telecommunications. Additionally, in retrofit installations, the requisite high-speed, high-capacity IP networks do not exist in older jails. Because of this, analog-based systems are often easier to provision and maintain. VUGate is uniquely positioned to connect CODECs to our SuperHub, thereby, creating hybrid digital and analog networks, so that a jail has the most cost effective highest performing system for local visitation while still being able to reach remote locations such as courts and public defenders.

VUGate provisions only industry standard H.323 video conferencing CODECs to ensure interoperability with existing customer equipment. A key factor for owners to understand, is that many new vendors in the marketplace are touting digital IP CODECs which are not truly industry standard, and worse, may even be proprietary. While they may incorporate portions of industry standards, H.264, MPEG4, H.261, H.263, they do not incorporate the full H.323 standard for interoperable video conferencing. This is important because of the lack of H.323 will prohibit the use of existing legacy video conferencing equipment already existing in court and public defender offices, or will require added equipment to bridge the technologies. In the end result, in order to communicate with the substandard video conferencing system, courts and public defenders would need to purchase new equipment for their use.


The VUGate™ video communication network is anchored by our SuperHub series of multipoint video communications hubs. Our Universal Video Communications Hubs are the largest, most sophisticated and flexible switching matrix infrastructure products available in the industry.

  • Multi-Point
  • No Operator Required
  • Shared Video Resources
  • Wide Area Codecs
    - H.323
    - Rate Adaptation
  • SuperHub Video PBX
  • TV Quality Video
  • Over 3000 Connections
  • UTP, STP, or Fiber
  • Multi-Platform
  • Inband Dialing and Control


Video Point of Use Adapters (VPOUA) for Visitor Center Stations and Inmate Visitation Stations



Public visitation stations and inmate stations are comprised of a monitor, camera, handset, enclosure, seat, and a VUGate Video Point Of Use Adapter (VPOUA).

The VUGate Video Point Of Use Adapter (VPOUA) video communication network connector is designed, manufactured, and supported by VUGate and directs audio and video to the VUGate SuperHub where it is then connected to any other station(s) on the local network, or offsite via video conferencing codecs. Local stations can be located anywhere up to 2,000 ft wiring distance from the switch, while codec-based stations can be anywhere in the world.

Remote Stations for Attorneys, Courtrooms, Telemedicine, Distance Learning/Education


Remote stations for attorneys, courtrooms, telemedicine, and distance learning are comprised of a monitor, camera, handset, enclosure, seat, and VUGate Video Point Of Use Adapter (VPOUA), digital video codec, or PC with built in codec for direct connections.

The VUGate Video Point Of Use Adapter (VPOUA) video communication network connector directs audio and video to the VUGate SuperHub where it is then transmitted to any other station(s) on the local network or to a remote station through a network codec.