Department of Defense / National Security

VUGate™ designs, manufactures, markets, and supports video communications solutions and related professional services for Corrections, Education, and Defense industries.


VUGate is the founder and proven leader of the correctional video visitation industry and continues to lead that field with innovative products and solutions. VUGate has provisioned both local and long distance video visitation systems into federal facilities including: Federal Prisons, US Marshall Service detention facilities, and ICE detention facilities.

VUGate™ has also provided video communications solutions to the Federal Department of Defense, including but not limited to, the US ARMY, the US NAVY, the US AIR FORCE, the US MARINES, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the PENTAGON for more than 20 years.

VUGate™ systems have been an integral part of the command and control communications infrastructure for some of the most critical communications events in history, including Desert Storm and Desert Shield. These demanding environments have put the quality and reliability of our product line to the ultimate test and we have performed exceptionally throughout our relationship with the Department of Defense.