distance video education


VUGate™ solutions are installed at school districts and universities throughout the world for distance video education. VUGate™ is the founder and proven leader of the correctional video visitation industry and continues to lead that field with innovative products and solutions. VUGate designs, manufactures, markets, and supports video communications solutions and related professional services for Corrections, Education, and Defense industries.

Universities and community colleges are providing distance education to the correctional industry through Inmate Education Programs. The mission of most Inmate Education Programs is to allow inmates, who wish to use education as a bridge from incarceration to becoming productive members of society, to participate college or vocational programs.

VUGate Systems will:
  • Provide video conferencing connections into correctional facilities
  • Provide video conferencing equipment and services to universities and community colleges

Pros for Jail
  • Reduce cost for providing inmate education
  • Allow for specialty subjects to be taught

Pros for Inmate
  • Access to specialty programs
  • Potentially more challenging curriculum for certain inmates
  • Skills and education to lead a more productive life after leaving jail/prison
Pros for Universities and Community Colleges
  • Providing curriculum to more correctional facilities across the nation
  • Reduce costs associated with providing inmate education
  • Reduce travel time and costs in providing education to facilities
  • Ability to teach to multiple locations at the same time