VUGate™ designs, manufactures, markets, and supports video communications solutions and related professional services for Corrections, Education, and Defense industries.

VUGate™, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, was founded in 1999 as the result of the acquisition of Datapoint Corporation's Video Communications business. Datapoint was a pioneer in video communications, having developed and deployed the industry's first desktop videoconferencing units in 1985.

VUGate™ acquired all of Datapoint's patented video communications technologies, along with all inventory and assets associated with the video business group. VUGate also secured the employment of Datapoint's top video communications resources for engineering, manufacturing, sales, service, and administration. As a result, VUGate has one of the finest teams of video communication experts in the industry.

VUGate Inc.
4830 Research Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78240
Phone 1-210-699-7000 / Toll-free 1-800-733-1500
Fax 1-210-614-3485

Correctional video visitation and court arraignment

VUGate™, a proven leader of the correctional video visitation industry, continues to lead that field with innovative products and solutions. VUGate™ products and solutions scale larger than any other company in the market while providing for the best video quality possible. VUGate™ solutions allow for point-to-point and multi-point video communications. VUGate has correctional visitation stations installed across the nation at all levels - federal, state, county, and city.

  • Video Visitation / Inmate Visitation
  • Video arraignment
  • Remote attorney consultations
  • Remote video parole hearings
  • New jail construction / jail retrofit
  • Prison construction / prison retrofit
  • Distance learning for corrections
  • Correctional healthcare / medicine


VUGate™ video communication solutions have been utilized throughout the Department of Defense (DoD, military) and National Security Agency (NSA). VUGate solutions have been battle tested in the Desert Shield and Desert Storm conflicts.


VUGate™ solutions are installed at school districts and universities throughout the world for distance video education.

VUGate™ is a subsidiary of BEI Communications/BEI Security located Stafford, Texas. BEI Security (, a provider of security systems for more than 20 years, brings a wealth of experience in the security and surveillance market to VUGate, specifically utilizing unique fiber optic technologies.