VUGate™ designs, manufactures, markets, and supports video communications solutions and related professional services for Corrections, Education, and Defense industries.

VUGate products and solutions scale larger than any other company in the market while providing for the best video quality possible. VUGate solutions allow for point-to-point and multi-point video communications. VUGate solutions incorporate digital, analog, and hybrid technologies based on the specific requirements of the customer, allowing us to deliver the most flexible and cost effective systems in the industry.

Correctional Video Visitation and Court Arraignment

VUGate is the founder and proven leader of the correctional video visitation industry and continues to lead that field with innovative products and solutions. Regardless of other claims on the Internet, the video visitation industry was developed in 1994/1995 by a team of people, most of whom are still working together here at VUGate. The world's first video visitation system was installed by this team in 1995 and is still in operation and still expanding. VUGate systems were developed in conjunction with correctional officers to incorporate common industry-specific operational procedures and most importantly a command and control architecture.

As a result, VUGate systems meet the unique requirements of the correctional industry and VUGate has installed over 4,000 correctional visitation and court arraignment stations across the nation at all levels: federal, state, county, and municipal/city.

  • Video Visitation / Inmate Visitation
  • Video arraignment
  • Remote attorney consultations
  • Remote video parole hearings
  • New jail construction / jail retrofit
  • Prison construction / prison retrofit
  • Distance learning for corrections
  • Correctional healthcare / medicine

National Security and Defense

VUGate video communication solutions have been utilized throughout the Department of Defense (DoD, military) and National Security Agency (NSA). VUGate solutions have been battle tested in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Additionally, VUGate has provisioned both local and long distance video visitation systems into federal facilities including: Federal Prisons, US Marshall Service detention facilities, and ICE detention facilities.


VUGate™ solutions are installed at school districts and universities throughout the world for distance video education. Universities and community colleges are providing distance education to the correctional industry through Inmate Education Programs.

Professional Services

VUGate has the proven professional staff, with specific industry expertise, to plan, design, deploy, and support your system based on your specific requirements.